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Configuring Windows for Arabic

Dear Typophiles,
One of the most frequently asked Questions by non-Arabs is how to configure Windows Operating system for Arabic. Here is how and more...
_________________Windows VISTA_________________
Start>Control Panel > Regional+Language Options> Keyboard+languages > Change keyboards.
In the Text Services and Input Languages>General tab>Add.
In the Input Language menu choose Arabic.
In the Keyboard layout menu choose the keyboard you want to add, click the plus sign.
_________________Windows XP_________________
Start> Control Panel > Regional+Language Options > Languages tab.
o Check Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages > Apply
After the files are installed, you must restart your computer. Then,
Start > Control Panel > Regional and Languages Options> Add other languages > Details.
o Click on the Settings tab and then click Add.
o In the Input Language menu choose Arabic
o In the Keyboard layout menu choose the keyboard you want to add.
Click OK and then Apply.
_________________In Either Windows_________________
o You can change the language toolbar settings by right-clicking on the EN button in the system tray at the bottom right of your desktop > Settings...
o You can change languages by left-clicking on the EN and choosing Arabic.

I press Shift+Alt to toggle between Arabic + Latin, and
Press Left (Ctrl+Shift) to type English from Left to right.
Press Right(Ctrl+Shift) to type Arabic from Right to left.
____________Virtual Arabic On-Screen Keyboard____________
In XP, Start > All Programs> Accessories> Accessibility> On-Screen Keyboard.
In Vista, Start > All Programs>Accessories > Ease of Access > On-Screen Keyboard.
You can click the on-screen keys to type text.
Use Standard keyboard (Enhanced keyboard - Number Keys).
Use Always on Top to keep your keyboard displayed when you switch programs or windows.
The program in which you want to type characters must be active while you are using On-Screen Keyboard.

For Single Arabic Marks:
press Shift + Q to get Fatha
press Shift + W to get Tanween fath
press Shift + E to get Zamma (9)
press Shift + R to get Tanween Zam (69)
press Shift + A to get Kasra
press Shift + S to get Tanween Kasr
press Shift + X to get Sukoon
press Shift + ~ to get Shadda

For Double Arabic Marks:
press Shift + ~ then Q to get Shadda + Fatha
press Shift + ~ then W to get Shadda + Tanween fath
press Shift + ~ then E to get Shadda + Zamma (9)
press Shift + ~ then R to get Shadda + Tanween Zam (69)
press Shift + ~ then A to get Shadda + Kasra
press Shift + ~ then S to get Shadda + Tanween Kasr
In M$ word, short-cut keys can be added to insert symbols as follows:
Shift + Alt + Q to get Dagger-like Fatha
Shift + Alt + A to get Dagger-like Kasra
Shift + Alt + any Arabic letter to get the corresponding Farsi/Jawi letter.
Example = Shit + Alt + kaf to get the Jawi dotted Kaf or the Persian Gaf.
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Joined: 18 Apr 2006 - 10:43pm