Typefaces used on Factory Records

Well having FINALLY decoded Peter Saville's so-called colour-code-typography from the early 1980s, I also discovered his 'free fonts' on a site hosted by British Telecom;

Now I'm sure this is wonderful news for all you Joy Division/New Order fans out there, BUT as far as I can see, these are all typefaces that go by standard industry names anyway

Closer = Trajan
Blue Monday = Engravers Gothic?
Low Life = Futura
Republic = Univers Condensed Bold Oblique?
Substance = Bodoni?
Technique = Helvetica Neue Black Oblique
Atmosphere = Wim Crouwel's New Alphabet?
1993 = New Handel Gothic
Ceremony = Albertus
World = Serpentine

Are these cuts unique to those particular projects or am I (like with the colour-code-typography) missing something here?


That site has been discussed here a bunch of times. Essentially, IIRC, it seems that those fonts are (a) pirated and (b) not the ones that Peter Saville actually used. Plus, that site is not Saville's own, but a fan site.

Check this thread, for example: http://typophile.com/node/32322
There was more. I wish search was working.

Thanks Altaira. I've deleted the url FWIW, and I did search before I posted this but ha! if the search ain't working... either way, that'll teach me to believe what I see on the web.