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I am in the process of developing a brand for myself. I have already created a logo and have chosen the colors I would like to use, and today I brainstormed business card ideas:

Set a.)

Set b.)

I would appreciate any feedback about my ideas.

Also, can anyone recommend a typeface that you think suits my logo and colors? I am currently using FF Scala Sans but I am not sure if it is working.

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I really don't like the straight cut corner. Even if the other corner (or corners) were done in the same style, I would still not like it.

Red on black or charcoal is a really nice choice, and overall layout is very likable. But that's IMO and I might be biased .. :-))

The type is hard to comment on because the images are so tiny. Perhaps try uploading a larger image here (there's an Upload Image button underneath the comment entry box).

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I like the horizontal layout better. The cut corner on the vertical layout makes the logo look like it isn't centered, along with the type that isn't aligned with anything...horizontal works better.

I think both red & black on that charcoal look great.

As for the typeface, epsilicon is right, its kinda hard to see if this type works.


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Sorry, here are some bigger samples:

Set a.)

Set b.)

And I am thinking of ways I can align the logo and the type better.

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Wow, you own , That's awesome.

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