Motter Ombra typeface?

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Hi guys,

I think this font is called "Motter Ombra" but I'm not quite sure. If anyone can lead me to the right direction as to where to purchase this typeface or if someone can provide the correct name for this typeface, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

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Yes Basit, it is Motter Ombra, I have checked it in an old letraset catalog.
But as BJ said, I am afraid it is not digitized yet.

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The sample is of the 1980 spanish Letraset catalog.


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Hey Ignacio, I was wondering if there are still places in Madrid where you can get the old Letraset/Mecanorma catalogues (pre-computer days). When I moved to the US I made the mistake of giving mine away and now I regret it.

Is the old Letraset store in Mayor 4 still there?

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Basit -- sorry, I'm just getting online today ...

I'm emailing you (basit (aaatttt) the info I promised late last night.

Ignacio, that is a sweet scan (it'd make a nice


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> Was this designed by the same person(s) that designed Motter Corpus?

Yes. Othmar Motter.

He also designed ITC Motter Femina, FF Motter Festival, ITC Motter Sparta and Motter Tektura - which was Apple used in its early corporate branding.

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Thanks guys but everything was there.


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Wow thanks for the information guys.

Ignacio: Thanks for the scan, now all I have to do is go out and grab the Letraset catalog from somewhere and try to digitalize it myself. The whole typeface looks amazing

Bj: Thanks for the information you sent me, I will get in touch with him soon.

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That is gorgeous.

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This is so kewl, especially with the spiral binding
included in the scan. :-)

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Was this designed by the same person(s) that designed Motter Corpus?

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The official digitization of Motter Ombra is available digitally for two weeks now at So are Motter Faktum, Motter Femina, Motter Ferrum and Motter Ornata. Soon available will be Motter Tektura and Motter Air.
See the link for details. Got a second email right now, where Siegmund Motter affirms that Luc de Groot was responsible for the digitization of Faktum, Ornata and Ferrum.

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Don't forget Motter Corpus (my fav).


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I seriously love Othmar Motter's display type. I suppose it looks "dated" by now, but the style and class of the letters is some of the most innovative I've seen (like the V's in Motter Ombra, seen above).

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"Dated" makes no sense to me. Motter rocks!

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