Looking or: VCR/VHS font

Hello fellow members of Typophile.

I am currently working on a project at uni. For this I would like to use a font like or immitating analogue VCR type, as seen in the upper left of the picture below.

You could also rephrase that to: »Which font is used in this picture?»

Thanks and bye


Found a better picture.


Chunkfeeder is fairly similar.

- Mike Yanega

Some other options are Screener and Algol. Screener probably isn't what they used exactly, but it is reminiscent of the look.

Universal Everything did something similar for channel 4


you could drop him an email and ask him ?

studio at universaleverything dot com

Thank you bowfinpw, aaronbell and Hibell.

I just wrote to Universal Everything, whose work indeed comes very close.
I also like Screener alot.