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What's this font's real name, and who designed it?

I posted this question 2 days ago on MyFonts/What the font?, but no answer as of yet. I'd like to buy it, use it, and give the designer credit. My pirated copy, but not by me, is called AlchemyGoldA24, version 4.1 (according to SuitcaseFusion). The only references I can find are Czech, and no designer or foundry is mentioned.

Does anyone have information regarding this font?


Looks like Alchemy by Jeremy Tankard http://www.typography.net/type/font/alchemy - not sure if it is an exact match though.

It seems to be one of a class of (possibly) Alchemist-themed fonts, including Emigre's Mason and Newcomen, by Insigne. Font Bureau has Sofia, and I think I have seen others. Parts of your font seem familiar, but I don't know where I saw them before.

- Mike Yanega

"mukhtarsanders" looks like he found it. That's another one to add to the list.

- Mike Yanega

Yes, thanks so much mukhtarsanders, Jeremy Tankard will now get credit and a purchase.