House Gothic 23 Question

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Hi! I'm designing a logo and I decided to use House Gothic 23 Text. But I'm with problem because I think there's only the following versions: House Gothic 23 Text Light, House Gothic 23 Text Italic and House Gothic 23 Text Bold. And I really wanted a "Regular" or "Medium" version.
What do you suggest me to do? I don't think filling the outline is the best option. Do I need to customize it? Or is there an easier way?
Sorry my broken english. Thank you in advance.

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What is it that you like about House Gothic? Any special characters? Maybe we can suggest some alternatives?

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Well I chose this font because it goes well with the icon I designed. Both font and the icon are square-ish and semi round.
I'm using caps and I tried now a tricky thing, to open even more the kerning of the Bold version and resize it smaller so it will look lighter. I'm going to print and see if it works.
Any alternatives to House Gothic 23? It has to be very similar. Thanks.

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Well it doesn't work that way. :\ I really need a Regular version. I don't understand why wasn't released one. Or am I seeing things?

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Is there a reason you used Text and not Display? Because Display has forms similar to text if you use the alternates. For example a more traditional 'S'.

BTW lets see the logo as it is.

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