Typeface Design immersive short course, 6-10 July

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Typeface Design immersive short course, 6-10 July

[warning: this is a plug]

The short version:

From 6 to 10 July up to twelve people can enroll in the Department of Typography at Reading, to extend their design skills and knowledge in typeface design. We will provide near-constant access to the core teachers on the MA programme (Gerry Leonidas, Fiona Ross, and Gerard Unger) in a structured schedule. Additional sessions will be held with Paul Luna, Dan Rhatigan, and Rob Waller.

We will look closely at typeface design for specific applications and help develop suitable design processes. We will deal in depth with the design issues surrounding world scripts, and we will address the balance of originality and utility in typeface design, and the development of quality within an extended family. Throughout the course we will make frequent use of our world-class collections on typography and typeface design. There will be ample opportunity for detailed feedback on the participants' own work.

We expect participation by established typographers and graphic designers, and researchers in related fields: people with enough experience to be able to work rapidly and engage at a high level.

Full information is available on http://www.reading.ac.uk/typography/ (click on "Short courses").

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Sounds like a great opportunity, I just wish I wasn't working then, otherwise I'd be right on it.