Typography jokes

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Normally I am opposed to censorship but not having seen anything explicit written here I shall concede!

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A typography teacher I had bought a jacket the had KE on one side of the zipper and RN on the other.
Here is something along the same lines...

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From Clients From Hell: http://bit.ly/pgR1QL

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Movie title
Friends with Benefits (2011)

Type joke at
~19:40 (delivered by Woody Harrelson)

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This is not strictly a type story or even a joke, but it did happened while type was being stripped into a paste-up.

the layout artist cut his finger. Very badly with the Xacto Knife.

The hovering art director was very fortunately able to jump in and deftly snatch the art boards away before the bleeding artist got blood all over them.

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@wmuench: You mean this one?

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Been there, Russ ;-)

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Standard Veer. A friend bough it, it was too big for her, so I got the gift. Thanks Leigh.

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Nice to see the Onion is hip to our thing ;-)

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...a jacket the had KE on one side of the zipper and RN on the other.

I have a Fontzone shirt with 'Warning: kerning in progress' helpful written on the back.

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F gold. Was that original material?

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Craig, that split my jaws from ear to ear! Were I 20 years younger I'd said "LOL"!

(Just the other week I told a funny to a 20 yr younger girl, tryin' to impress her with my Adult Wit. It was a kind of letdown she actually said "lol".)

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No, I saw it on Facebook.

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The internet memes that involve type are the best ones. Also funny(ish).


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Were I 20 years younger I'd said "LOL"!

Were you 20 years younger you probably would have missed the reference!

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Were you 20 years younger you probably wouldn't know to use the subjunctive like that, either. :^)

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Not actually a joke:

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Well, this is not a joke. It actually happend but it's funny and it envolves a font...

A close friend of mine is a type designer (we will be refering to him as Al) met a nice girl at a party and started going out with her. She told him that she was moving to another city in a week so they shouldn't fall in love. He agreed.

A few days before she leaves I ran into Al and asked him how he was. I know he is the kind of guy who easily falls in love. He told me he was ok, that he is well aware of the girl's situation and that he is not in love with her.

Two days after she left Al showed me a new font he was working on.

I said to him: "Al, you are such a liar! I told you, she told you and everybody told you not to fall in love with her!!"

"But I'm not in loved!" he replied.

To what I said: "Al, you named your font after her..."

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Comic Sans walks into a bar. The bartender says, "We don't serve your type."

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Comic Sans walks into the Better Business Bureau. The bureau says "We don't want any Funny Business here!"

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Did you make that up?

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Vince Connare walks into a bar and orders a drink. Several other customers pack up their things and leave.

"What's that all about?", I asked the barkeeper. "Well", he said, "some people just don't like his type."

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Yes, Christopher! I always write my own stuff, I just can't help it--it just happens!

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How I Met Your Mother, Season 7, Episode 6, 12:40 = font joke.

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... my Adult Wit ...

On further reflection it might have exposed me as A Dull Twit.

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In a few years the cartoonist will be hailed as a visionary.

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Té, it will be interesting to find the originator of the idea (admitting it was a single person): http://typophile.com/node/75092

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How do you fix fraktur? Ductus tape.


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How do you fix fwackur? DONALD Ductus Tape ;-)

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This looks promising: https://twitter.com/#!/ShtDesignersSay

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Zero walks up to 8 and says, "Nice belt!"

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Infinity says, "I feel like I could go on forever."

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Zero Frutiger Light walks up to 8 Frutiger Black and says, "Nice Black belt!"

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I'm a big fan of The Perry Bible Fellowship. Heres a typography-related comic:

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Were I to make a font by hijacking glyphs from all over the Kingthings fonts, would that be a King's Ransom?

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Today's xkcd

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Snh. Snh. Snh.

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From http://shirt.woot.com. I posted a link previously, but here’s the picture in case the link gets borken in the future.

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*groan* I just got a house-painting flashback...

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Paint the fence!

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