Typography jokes

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Oh well—

I guess spelling and punctuation went out with the mustache cup…now, you can't tell whether people are post-literate, or merely idiots…

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Sorry Officer, I had no idea how fast I was going.” — Shinn, N. (2012).

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Apart from Capitalist Bastard they need a new stock of cartoons.


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Cropped snapshot from a browser:

Error page made by yrs truly.
Text by Kestral (ep. 118771 on the Anime Addventure)
Fonts (Switzera) by Hirwen Harendal

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Introducing the Whatever Mark. Suitable for use wherever punctuation is appropriate. Recommended for situations in which you cannot decide between existing punctuation options.

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My contribution for today: A furball of three different serifs by yrs truly.

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@rseitz: Can I get that in a script please?


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From today's comic section.

- Herb

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H&FJ put up a link to FYTD on Facebook. I had a few chuckles and thought I'd share the joy here, especially this one …

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Sadly, not much these days. But a number of successful fonts* did "grow up" here. In fact I would trade Satyr** for quite of bit of conventional fodder developed hermit-style.

* http://typophile.com/node/99708

** http://typophile.com/node/81129


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That's all the cringeworthy stuff I have at hand now. Fonts and faces from Arkandis, lazy TT conversions by me, layout in HTML/CSS.

Story: Violence Inherent in the System by Darth Drafter, the sequel to The Girl Who Loved. These stories are multicrossovers that combine Harry Potter, Sailor Moon and Ranma ½ into one storyverse.

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S*it nobody says — It happens at 00:10. You’ll know it when you see it.

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´Sup guys, I'm neue around here. Had a total blast reading this thread. Most entertaining :)

Type or die!

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What's the Dark Side of the Force? Force Bold.


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What is the Dark side of the Mafia? Force ital

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Good one!


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I sometimes sig my emails with:

Thank you for choosing typography™

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You don't choose typography, Chris. Typography chooses you.

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Here you are, another new cringer...

This is gunna take some serious stepping on with cleats... Oh, and if you're wondering, it's Linux Libertine and Universalis ADF.

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Woah! Some ten months since I last posted a cringer? Mind, I had intended to say Linux Biolinum, not Linux Libertine…

And this… is what Adobe’s Source Sans Pro looked like once my eyes stopped swirling after my miserable attempt at a roundkick.

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If you love setting fleurons, does that make you hederasexual?

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No, but maybe you need a fleu shot ;-)

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