Need information about Deadpan typeface

I am looking for a new typeface named deadpan. I have researched
it all over the internet, but there doesn't seem to be anything
about it, info or anything. i want to know who designed it and
in where I can find it. Any suggestions?




So where did you hear about it?

A badly-drawn banner font on a b-movie website. Designed by Frankie Pan. Check the picture; no further information.

Google search; “Font Deadpan”

I interpret the line at the bottom as meaning "the font that is used in the Deadpan banner was designed by...", not that the font is necessarily named Deadpan.

That’s all I could find; just trying to help.


Wow!! Thanks everyone!! I'll look up the info!!

So where did you hear about it?

I think David Carson!