Missing regular style indesign and illustrator

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Hello, i need some help...
I have a font that has regular and italic version, but when i open illustrator or indesign I just can use the italic version...
Any toughths why this thing appens?

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It's a bug in the program.

Copy the missing font file into your /Illustrator CS*/fonts/ and /InDesign CS*/fonts/ folders. That should give you access.

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Thanks, but I think this is a problem of font creation because my first font have the same problem, they have different post scrip names and everithing is ok in fontexplorer X and in text editor, but in indesign and illustrator i have this problem...

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If you're talking about commercial fonts that are not showing up properly in Adobe apps, but are in system and other apps, then the problem is likely with the Adobe font caches. These get corrupted periodically, especially if you do a lot of loading and unloading fonts. Shut down all Adobe apps, delete the caches, (I usually reboot for good measure), and try again.

If you are talking about problems with fonts that you are generating yourself, then your problems may be due to technical issues with naming, linking and such. In this case, you may have better luck getting specific help with these kinds of issues in the Build forum.

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