Logo for tax/payroll services company.

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Hey all,

This is my first post. Been lurking around these parts for a while, figured this would be the best place to get thoughtful, constructive feedback from some really bright people. Anywho, I'm working on branding a tax and payroll service, starting, naturally, with the logo. I'm meeting the client in about two and a half hours, so I thought I'd post something real quick to get some last minute opinions!

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i'm not fan of the color choice, What does mean the logo, is that building. I find the typo quite cool, i just see a tiny tiny problem
with the final n mergin with t. The bottom curve (outside curve) of the n is horizontally too long (a millimeter or two), almost nothing.

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The logo is supposed to be an abstract view of buildings, it could also relate to the columns on a bar graph.

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The mark took me a while to pin down. Not sure if abstract buildings say Payroll. The LI and AN combo feel tense, claustrophobic almost.

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Type looks quite wobbly...
And those three buildings are maybe a bit non readable with complete white walls. Maybe instead of having 100% white walls you could colour them in some very light blue colour.

Or change the symbol because all they say is probably: corporate, big firms, financial, low trust. Just my opinion.
Robert Koritnik

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