Dear Clients, This is how you sound sometimes.

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Can you imagin this in the supermarket with a line of people behind you.

Very funny vid ;)

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That hits too close to home!

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That was too good. Pretty much covered all the bases.

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In India, this is pretty normal. Part of the business.

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Especially familiar is the part about "teaching us how to do it so we can produce it in-house." Anyone that's ever been in the commercial art business has heard that one. I'm passing this vid around to my designer buddies. Hilarious.


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These conversations are one of the things that really pushes me away from interactive/web design. I honestly just don’t know how to deal with someone who wants me to work for free, will only pay a cut rate if I do get the contract, and makes it abundantly clear that they’ll send the work to some guy in Bengaluru if I want wage that would allow me to pay off my student loans. And that’s just the design firms…

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That lady is just stupid. She should have just gone the crowdsourcing route and had a bunch of stylists enter a haircut contest.

Sadly, in this economy, I'm seeing these customers 'winning' more often than not.

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I would like to see someone have this conversation with a hitman that they just hired.


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Who's the genious behind this?

Here in Spain we have a lot of problems with "primos" (cousins) who have learned how to use photoshop and therefore can do logos, posters, websites and whatever they are asked for, charging 10% of the normal rate.


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Great movie Joe... so familiar in every single way.

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You know what?

What piss me off is that clients won't actually say those things when they go to a restaurant, buy a CD or have a hair cut, but when they are dealing with a designer, those lines came out.

Sometimes I feel like designers are worse than those guys who sell newspapers by the roadside. At least no one bargain with them.

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Not sure about your country, but over here, client won't bargain with an architect, but they would do that with a graphic designer.

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