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dayflash Logo Critique

About the Name

dayflash is a synonym and/or personal nickname which i am using for my design activities as freelancer sice several years. When choosing the name it was very important for me that the name is recognizable and unique.

As freelancer i mostly do communication and media/interaction design stuff - but also motion graphics and photography.

The Logo Concept

Within the logo - and trough the name - I want to show that designing is a very dynamic process. I also use red as the primary color of the comunication design because it reflects the emotion, the passion and the dynamic. Off the mark, the logo should also looking serious.

Thats also the reason I am not very satisified with the existing logo. It seems to be too static and without any emotion.

Thats also the problem I have with the new logo proposals. The font is a font i did. I am not sure whether it is the right direction i am facing. Is it good to make the writing italic? How should I investigate that it is more dynamic? Is it right to concentrate just on typography?

I am really looking forward to reading all your suggestions on it.

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Current logo has few "problems":
- "a" doesn't really read as an "a"
- varying letter weight
- too heavy top on the "s"
- "f" doesn't really belong to these letters.

Anyway. Current logo is a start of something that wasn't really finished.

But. New proposals may be better in terms of readability (especially "a" is magnitudes better and actually complements other letters), but there are still flaws:
- "h" could easily be read as "t wit dotless i"
- the biggest problem is "y" because of a completely different angle and it breaks the reading flow

The last one doesn't have the "y" problem but is more

I'd suggest you use letters with stroke variation, because a flash is a burst of light. Rays... The start thick and disappear as tiny thin lines... I'm not suggesting that your logo should be done this way, but I think strokes should have some weight variation. Logo will also become a bit more dynamic.
Robert Koritnik

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well you've kinda answered your own questions really ...

you don't think the typeface suits what you're trying to say ... why not? so change it till it does.


Paul Ducco
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Got any other ideas? This one doesn't really inspire anything. (sorry)