Vatican correspondence script

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Does anyone know of a good connecting script that is similar in feel to this hand?

Or is Typo Upright, which doesn’t seem to connect reliably, my best choice?

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Ah but typo upright is so... yuck, and that is so nice. Consider:
or Batarde Coulée from (their site is flash so no linking)... here's a screen shot:

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Thanks, and re Typo Upright, agreed: “Ah but typo upright is so... yuck...”, but I am hoping to find:

• An upright script that’s similar to the sample

• One that’s not artificially “distressed”, the sample is low-res and thus somewhat “antique-y”, but the original, from the FDR library, is clean

I hope someone here has more suggestions, thanks.

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ITC Redonda and Linoscript, too, are better, but I’d appreciate further suggestions.

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their site is flash so no linking

No Flash involved, actually – just nasty frames.ée/

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This is sort of a hybrid. Part Chancery and part secretary hand. Might want to check out all the offerings listed as Civilite, they are not connecting and probably more refined than you want. Also Operina would be an alternative. Dont think you are going to get what you want but you might make the ballpark : )


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Thanks, Michael.

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can you tell us the provenance of this image?

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Agedage Cancelleresca from Flat-It might be worth a look.

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Typo Upright and Linoscript are fine. But what about Sweet Upright Script or Bon Mot? They're quite more 'angular'.

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@paul d hunt:

The image comes from the FDR library’s catalogue of correspondence between the Vatican and the President or the State Department during World War II.

Available here:

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Very nice, Cameron, thnx!

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Agreed that is Exellency indeed! Florian, should have checked the source! Frames are much more yuck than Typo Upright. I was too hard on it in retrospect.

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