"Ciência. Inovação 2010" serif logo

Tanks in advance!


I'm interested to know what this one is. The most similar I found based on these letters was http://Eidetic Neo. I searched mainly keying on the C and a, using my Serif ID Guide. If there were more letters the search may have been more fruitful, but I tried every 'a' that might have been roughly similar. Other fonts that were close structurally, but not as similar by eyeball, were Fiona Serif, Rebecca Samuels and Veljovic.

- Mike Yanega

Also similar, but not close: ITC Fenice.

Here’s a larger sample:

That "n" is slightly clunky. Could this be a custom-designed logo?

I downloaded the pdf from http://www.poci2010.mctes.pt/info_publicidade/downloads/ and looked at it with Inkscape. Letters come in two layers. Here I separated the layers for the "c cedilla" and made it clear that the cedilla was never merged into the "c". Is a normal font likely to have such a free cedilla?

The whole thing looks rather lame to me. The /1/ especially needs a bigger head serif. My conclusion would be that the designer had to create the /ccedilla/ from the /c/ and the /cedilla/ because there wasn't a /ccedilla/ already in the font. To me this indicates a non-commercial font.