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Campy handlettering is addictive

Had some fun putting these event fliers and a t-shirt together for my church. Very much enjoying this campy hand-lettered style.

Event Fliers:




I like the hot dog one especially.

I like the vocal ant  :-)

The hotdog appears to have done some serious damage to the fork. Not sure I'd eat it :-) Thanks for your kind words!

Lovely and fun! Just wondered why the counters in Barbecue are gray?

Thanks! Counters are gray because... I liked it? That was pretty much the rationale. I do think it adds playfulness. Same in PICNIC where the letters are not all the same shade. BTW these were photocopied B/W, so I was trying to create impact with contrast and get the most out of the screens I did use.

perfectly imperfect, i love it!


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That does look like great fun!

Thanks Randy!


love it. great!