Examples of BB ligatures? If any?

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Hi there - hope you can help!

In a school project i have to design a logotype for a company with a double B in their name - i am bassing it on a renaissance type antiqua.

I thinking that it would add to the 'uniquenes' of the logotype if at had a BB ligutare - but I have search the net thin, i cannot find any examples - and i hopeing that you might know some?

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Well, there is this one:
Personal Art and Design Portal of Ivan Gulkov

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ABBA tribute band, with BB ligature
(You have been warned! :->)

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Talking of music ...

Lots of bb ligatures on the bottom :)

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Hay - thank you for your kind help! - speciel thanks for the warning altaira ;-)

I gave me a little inspiration - I been working on a solution where the two kapital B's goes together by removing the last B's steam - a little like this: B3

If turns out well I will post it in here :)

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The Brazilian national bank uses a bb ligature as its symbol, but it's more abstract:

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Sorry, not really a ligature, but it's definitely two b's.

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