Smoke and mirrors

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hi.. any help identifying this title font from the book cover would be appreciated!

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Am I the only one who sees a problem with this Type-ID board being "moderated" by the best type-IDer in the Milky Way? :-/


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He's there already?! Wow.

Anyway, I just think it's too much weight on Stephen, the Valkyries bless his soul. It's like now he has to reply to every single ID request (because you can bet he knows 95% of them). Who's gonna shovel all that nice Swedish snow? ;-)


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I'm insanely happy someone has this gift! I spend half my life saying "did you see that? I know that font!" and can't remember what it is.
Escrita. of course!
Stephen Coles, you are my hero.

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As do I, worship you Stephen. You are much more than *the man*.

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That's Escrita by Mario Feliciano.

...and Trajan of course.

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Something against Sweden?

Personally, if I was going under the knife, I'd want my surgeon to be the guy who eats, sleeps, and breathes medical know-how.

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You're both too kind. I'd reply whether I was a
moderator or not. Actually, I'm not sure what my
duties as a moderator are.

But I must identify, regardless of title. Type IDs
are my sustenance and my solace. You wouldn't
want me to wither away would you, Hranty?

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!!! ...imagine how much time I've wasted in singles bars.

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