Wedding Ligature

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Hi folks! I've been a lurker for a while and have just gotten around to registering! Anyway, I'm getting married in September, so of course I've been a busy bee getting the wedding invites and whatnot all sorted out. One thing I'm still stuck on is the monogram I've done up...I can't get it to feel right/balanced the way I want it to. I'm using Gotham Light paired with Aphrodite Pro for the script portion, and have based my sketches on Aphrodite as a starting point. I'd appreciate some honest critique from those who know much more than I. It's just very hard to get some distance on a project so close to home, y'know? :D I'm especially concerned with the balance of positive/negative space and line weights. Please help, Typophiles!

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Nice work! But since you're looking for a critique... the tension that I sense in your monogram is the the angles of the characters: the H and the A are italicized (with the A tilted more), but the ampersand appears roman.

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