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Moped Launched

Wanted to wrap up the Moped development in the blog here on typophile in case people find it later. Moped is now available at Veer: Individual fonts, or the complete family.

Release thread here:


It didn't show on the Veer site, Randy.


I am loving it though!


Hmm I've amended above to show the search results:

Here is a link to Moped at Veer.

Can you please help me identify the fonts on this plaque

The whom it may concern

I was wondering if you could please help me identify the fonts on this car club plaque. I've gone through some of the biggest font databases I can find, and I cannot find this font anywhere. I really need your help and expertise on this subject.

What I need to know is, the exact name of the font, and what family of font does it derived from, and the name of the company where I can buy this from. The fonts in particular I'm trying to identify are "old memories".

I've included a JPG photo of the plaque for you to look at. I really hope you can help me out here, because I keep running into dead ends, and run out of places to look.

Thank you very much for your help.

Michael G.


Please move your request to the FontID forum where it will be answered in a jiffy.



I just might have been your first customer :-)


Huzzah! Thanks Chris!

looks awesome randy, congrats!