McCloskey International logo Font ID


Does anyone knows which fonts where used in this logo?


Q™ says: It's all about the fonts!!


McCloskey = Similar to Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Extra Bold Italic

International = Eurostile Extended

It's not Akzidenz-Grotesk, but I was tended to say that it was absolutely not. But it's really close. It's helvetica Neue Cond XBlack Oblique for sure. Akzidenz has a more square structure in it's curved figures like o and e Helvetica's is rounder like this.


The 'k' is totally different in Helvetica. But maybe that part was modified for this logo.


Yeah your so right, I also checked on MyFonts. It looks like they took the K from Akzidenz and the rest from Helvetica. Your sharp I didn't noticed that.

Thanks!! but I have a problem, I found this other arrange printed on a brochure, which one would be the right one? I guess this is it!!

Maybe this would be easier...

Q™ Says: It's All About The Fonts!