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I just came across this new, bizarre logo for Barclaycard.

the new Barclaycard identity aims to convey a calm, confident exterior while being warm and vibrant on the inside... and that the globe motif represents a "chip" being released from the constraints of the plastic card and welcomed in by new, exciting methods of payment.

The thing for me is that it's so generic and anonymous. And empty inside. More discussion and comparisons here. You can add the new Xerox logo to that list too; what is it with shiny balls and 'friendly' text?


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Um… bizarre, indeed.
Is that the official rationalization you quoted? What outstanding BS. :-)

Another logo for this crowd:

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Well I hadn't seen the animated version of the Xerox one. I actually quite like the way the ball moves and flashes like a photocopier, though not sure that's intentional or not.

This Barclaycard one looks like all sorts of weird things. Some kind of shredded tulip, a rubber glove caught in the wind, an empty egg, a vortex of paperwork...not really what a bank wants to convey surely!

Maybe I'll make a compilation of naff logos; I'd have to do the same for nice ones though ;)

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