Amaranta first font

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My first font.

I have many other projects, but this is the one I been working for long.

Just lowercase, no tracking, no kerning yet.


Mi primera tipografía.

Tengo muchos otros proyectos en desarrollo, pero este es el que llevo trabajando por mas tiempo.

Solo las minusculas, sin tracking ni kerning aún.

especimen bajas.pdf254.53 KB
mapa bajas.pdf227.57 KB
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I like it.

A few small observations; the top of the 'a' seems a bit too light. The 'c' looks wide compared to 'o', 'd', etc., same goes for the 'e'. Maybe the 's' is a bit bottom-heavy. I'll take a better look at it when I have more time.

Oh and please try to post in English, otherwise many of us don't know what you are saying. ;)

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Here are some corrections based on your observations Quincunx and thanks for your comment.

Hope you have more time to take a second look because I realy need some feedback. I been working on this for so long that I get used to see it, and that make me hard to find the problems.

(sorry for my poor English)

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Yes, looks good. I will take a better look at it, but I'm very busy at the moment.

I wonder why no one else has posted any comments...

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¡Me gusto mucho! ¿Porqué no hay ñ en el espécimen? Miraré la prueba y daré más comentarios más adelante.

I like it a lot! Why don't you have ñ in the specimen? I'll take a look at the sample and give you more comments later.

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Speter, el tilde de la "ñ" aún no me convence, es solo por eso que no está incluída aún.
Gracias por el comentario, estaré atento a tus observaciones.

The tilde on the "ñ" still didnt convince me, thats why its not included yet.
Thanks for your comment, I will be kind to your further observations.

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In fact, the "ñ" appears on the "mapa bajas.pdf", but nothing serious yet. I still have much to do on diacritics, ligatures and non alphabetical characters (never ends).

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I really like it. :)
But you should fix your "o". At the left it's thinner than on the right. ;)


Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

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