"Apple Symbols" Font

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I own a macbook and have somehow managed to delete the Apple Symbols system font. Does anyone know where I can download it from as some applications/text is missing symbols.


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Drop by a store that has Macs on display and load the file onto a USB drive.

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Shouldn't the system fonts be on the OS install CD? (Can't check at the moment, sorry!)

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While the system fonts would be included with the OS installer discs, they might be tied up in the installer packages and not freely copyable file-by-file. I'll have a look myself to confirm.

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Yup, at least on the Leopard discs, all the files are locked up in installer packages. I didn't try running the installer app to see if the fonts could be selected and installed without the rest of the OS X going in with them.

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Ahok. Sorry bout that, and thanks for checking!

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you can use the application Pacifist to extract and install individual files from Mac OS X installer packages.

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