Perpetua it's not - help!

Trying to identify a font (obviously) used, in two weights, in a logo. It's quite similar to Perpetua – some of the key differences: bowl doesn't meet the vertical in the cap R and P; the cap U is stemmed.

Thanks in advance


I think it is modified Perpetua, which does have a stemmed U. The only obvious modification is the gap that was added to the P and R stem join.

- Mike Yanega

Hi Mike:

Thanks for your response. I also thought it might be a modified Perpetua, but I tried several different versions directly on top of the logo art and, while some were pretty close, none were exact matches: serifs were sized a little differently, stroke and stem weights didn't quite match, bowl shapes were a little different. The search goes on...

Clive, The resemblances to Perpetua are too close (I think), and the differences you describe are so minor, that I still believe this is a customized version of Perpetua. Maybe 'customized' isn't how the vendor would describe it, because they want to represent it as a new typeface, but the changes from Perpetua are very easy for anyone with font design tools.

I also considered that it's another Eric Gill design, since some designers tend to have a letterform vocabulary they like, but Aries and Pilgrim are his most similar serifs and not as close to your samples as Perpetua, in my estimation.

- Mike Yanega

Once again, thanks for weighing in, MIke - as I haven't found anything else yet, I'm beginning to think you're onto something.