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Dear typophiles,

I'm building a new sans in FontLab and tried this and that and didn't save each time I changed something. So I deleted some glyphs which I decided I won't need in this early status.

But what bugs me is that as far as I know it's not possible to make a deleted glyph look like the ones I didn't touch at all (light grey with a dark grey version of what the glyph possibly looks like). I know I can generate a glyph with nothing in it but this leaves a white place in the font window just like I deleted everything in the glyph window.

Can I reset the look of a glyph in the font window to default?

I hope this is not too confusing. Thanks in advance.

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If your glyph is part of the codepage (you can tell by it's name in a yellow bar) you can delete the glyph and it will go grey. If it's not in the codepage it will be deleted.

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Thank you very much, Jos. That was very fast. And now I know how to go on.


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You're welcome.

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