Help to identify XVI century font

Does anyone know (or might have a clue) about the identity of this font?
Thankyou so much**


Quite similar to Caslon Swash Italic. Perhaps an early relative?


If you are trying to identify this sixteenth century font, it is such a difficult task, because so many punchcutters of the age are anonymous and all of them were trying to emulate the very same forms.

And I can tell: after a nine-year research, I still don’t know by sure if the types printed by Antonio de Espinosa were designed by him. But my revival will be named Espinosa, anyway, since he is the most probable author (more about this in Atypi 2009, if my proposal is accepted).

But if you want to know if something like this is digitized, I’d say Garamond Premier Pro is the closer you can get. And yes, in some details, Adobe Caslon Pro is even closer (A, N).

Thanks!! It really looks like an ansemble of Garamond and Caslon... but it could not be a Caslon because of it's age... I'll start my search in XVI c. french typography first.
The Q makes me think of Granjon, but the other letters don't...