What variant / optical size in slides?

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I am designing some slides rich in text (necessary evil).
The font size is 12pt in LaTeX, but the slides will be projected on a large screen. So the question is which family variant:

"regular"? or "display"?

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I'd still go with regular simply because the audience will still be viewing them from a distance.

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I cannot imagine how one could make this type of decision without some testing. When you are working in a transitory media like slides, you really should do a few tests, and then see how they look in final output (preferably in the same room, with the same equipment, if you can).

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If you're presenting black text on white, keep in mind that the white light will tend to bloom around the letter shape more than it will on a printed page. Bolder might be be better.

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I am never convinced that I can be objective about my own slides.

(I always seem to have a firm opinion about other people's slides, which are usually powerpoint with Arial.)

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