Alternatives to American Typewriter

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Can anyone recommend some alternatives to American Typewriter, Courier, Prestige, Archer and other such fonts? Im looking for something with character, but equally it shouldn't be too fun. Im after 'Restrained character' - you heard it here first.
Please pass on any links to fonts you like in a similar vein to those listed above.

Thanks :)

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I've been admiring Jubilat for a while, I haven't used it, but its antique forms are reminiscent of a less quirky American Typewriter.

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:) Depends how much time you have, but I'll shamelessly say that sounds like
the font I'm working on. I'd be curious if you think it fits the description.
It's still gonna be a little while until this truly sees the light of day though.

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For a more contemporary (or is it already old hat?) face, try Lineto's Courier Sans, Superstudio, Excellent, Lettera, Regular or Valentine. The site does not work in Safari 4.0 by the way.

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Thanks for evreryone's responses... all good fonts.
Upon further reflection, Lineto's Lettera is certainly something id consider as its 'Restrained character' is coupled with a strong contemporary feel... certainly something im after. I do also like Everson Mono (freeware: ) and maybe i can use this as a starting point to create something similar. Hm.

Altaira, i like you're font, i think it fits the restrained character description for sure... certainly something id consider if/when it becomes available.

Thanks everyone, anymore then keep them coming...

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