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This is a logotype I created for the US office of this fine cheese. Parmiggiano-Reggiano is about 800 years old, and far tastier and more nutritious than any aerosal cheese product. The giant wheels of cheese are incised with the name in pindot lettering all along their sides. This lettering cannot be used as the logo for trademark resons. I handlettered the same letterforms as solid lines. The curve on the "O" resembles the arc of the cheese wheel's side. I'm entertaining creating the rest of the font in Fontographer, but would appreciate feedback from those who can spare it. Thanks.

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Here's the design (forgive my newbieness).

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I like it; it seems to fit.
But -since it's a logo- maybe make it darker?


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a heavy or bold versoin would be good also. i really like the "chesse wheel" "O"'s.
great idea, it works very well with all the other letters. making this one is a MUST!
i want to see more!

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Thanks guys. There is a bolder, slightly more openly letterspaced version version for web use. I'm currently working on the "S" for the Americanized word "Parmesan". It sadly looks like a backwards "Z", but give it time...


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