Alternative to Banque Gothique. Suggestions!

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Alternative to Banque Gothique. Suggestions!

I'm working on some packaging and was using Banque Gothique (BoldExCond) for some elements and the client just isn't feeling it.. The specific issue stated was the 'rounded corners.'

Basically, I'd like any suggestions you guys may have as I feel like I've gotten into a bit of a rut, idea-wise.. Something with similar weight, vintage appeal is a plus, and it has to look good going around a circular path.

The other display type being used is Block Gothic, the text face right now is Gothic 720 but that could change to suit whatever replaces Banque. So, older/older looking faces with sign/wood type feel are preferred but not required.

Right now I'm liking LHF Old Block, Powerstation Solid, a modified version of Borgstrand, and maybe even just customizing Banque.


Banque Gothique:
(What I'm replacing)