OT Kerning. Not showing in Windows.

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OT Kerning. Not showing in Windows.

At work (a card and gift design business) they have a specially made font for their best selling range. In all honesty, it's not a very good font....... but as it has appeared on the best selling range for years, I am not allowed to change it.

My issue comes from always being asked to supply the font to other companies. It is a Mac Type 1 PostScript font and I often have to give it to a company who need to use it on Windows. I encourage the Repro and art managers to buy OT fonts these days as the whole company can use it, not just the Mac departments. So I thought, why not convert the font to an OT? While I'm at it, seeing as the company supply to 70 countries, why not add a load more languages too.

So I set about the task. I opened the Type 1 font in FontLab and began the task of conversion. It has gone ok aside from the kerning. What came in with the type 1 was the kerning pairs. That was good, at least I knew they would be identical. For the characters I added I simply added to the kerning pairs that came in with the type 1. All was well.

Save, export to OT, drop it in my Mac font folder..... it works a treat. Give it to the Windows users in the company and all the characters and the character sets work, but the kerning does not. Not in any app.

I must admit, I know very little about the features of OT. I can see all the kerning pairs in the table in FontLab, and they work and are seen perfectly on the Mac. Can anyone help me with this issue in a real layman guide way. I have read up on OT fonts and know there is more than one way to add kerning. Other than the pairs I have made, I don't understand how to make the pairs show universally.

Any help would be much appreciated.