No kerning for CorelDRAW

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No kerning for CorelDRAW

I’ve done my best to buy my own software for home use and not “borrow” things from work, so the software titles I use most at home are PageSpinner, PhotoLine 32, and CorelDraw—mostly shareware and a cheap (but surprisingly nice) Corel package.

I’ve known for a while (and submitted the problem to the creator) that PhotoLine 32 doesn’t support kerning pairs, even though it’s supposed to. They’ve kindly emailed me back and said they’re trying to fix it. Well, just recently I discovered CorelDraw has the same problem. Here’s the final response I got from their support:

<blockquote>It turns out this is a known problem with Draw 11 for the Mac, you will have to workaround the problem.</blockquote>

I realize all I can do is change software, but I received a much kinder response from a German shareware developer.

Anyway—just in case—is there any such workaround, or does this just suck for me?