Doesn't It Suck When ...

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... your idea turns out to be not as original as you thought? I had foolishly decided to call my freelance “agency” Red Door Design. If only had I Googled it first, I would have found out just how many other people had the same idea. Shoot, I even had a logo.

Edit: Is there a way to use curly quotes in the subject?

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The top and bottom lines lack contrast. They are both uppercase, use the same typeface and color and are too similar in size.

Also, I've been there several times when a good idea turns out to be taken, but I've always googled first. It's the silly things, like when famous foreigners have first or second names that sound like something I've thought up in a different language, that annoy me the most.

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They are both uppercase, use the same typeface and color ...

Thank you for your feedback. Though I think what you are describing as design flaws are actually strengths, no?

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I think they're flaws, since it's neither here nor there, and thus looks sloppy.

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I'm interested to hear if other people agree with you on this one. Maybe my eye is off, but I happen to think that having too much contrast within the type itself will detract from the simplicity and stability, and make it look unprofessional, not the other way around. I guess the point is moot though, since I won't be using it anyway.

I tried a few different text treatments to the bottom line to create some more contrast and interest, but nothing really worked out. I didn't want to spend too much time on it. Maybe I need to abandon the Charlemagne font for something with more weights/styles.

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It's clear that you've tried to add contrast, since one of the lines is smaller, but the contrast is not really there, so it looks sloppy. I'm somehow confident about this one.

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Weird, the message order changed.

The clearest albeit most boring fix would be just bumping the size down, I suppose.

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I like the graphic a lot, but I'm going to have to side with Reinis on the type issue. I agree that too much contrast is distracting, but there's that middle ground between too much and not enough that I feel hasn't quite been reached. So sorry you won't be able to use this; I don't advocate violence, but you should find the other people and threaten physical harm if they don't relinquish control of the name ;)

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I immediately thought of Elizabeth Arden. It's very hard to come up with something truly original. What are your new thoughts?

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I would say that reinis was very articulate in describing the problem in the Logomark. The symbol though is just beautiful. I know it's tricky here to create contrast between "Red Door" and "Design" cause it's really one big title "Red Door Design", but what bothers me the most now is that there is different stroke widths in the two sizes, one way to fix that is to use all caps on one line and "real" small caps on the second but then what the "sloppiness" reinis is mentioning will still be there.
Best solution is to ditch the word "Design" altogether or to give it far less importance in the mark.

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