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I am trying to create a shirt based around the Caltrans logo. However, I cannot seem to find the typeface for the word "Caltrans" in the logo itself. Can anyone help me or is this just a custom script made specifically for the logo. I seem to recall that there is a community outreach program in the Tenderloin in SF (can't remember the actualy name) but they have a logo that riffs off the Caltrans logo and they have the same script. Please help!

EDIT: It's CityTeam Ministries!

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I don't think there is much resemblance between the two logos, except that they are both techno styles. Caltrans probably had theirs designed for them, the other outreach group probably used a freeware font for theirs. See the Techno categories at for possible styles that may be close enough to the Caltrans look.

- Mike Yanega

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Please stop calling this stuff script! Just because you handcuff two inmates does it mean they are married?


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custom created by Eric Procton

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