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New Design Project *thread closed and moved*


*Thread closed and re-opened in Design:*

I am working on a project for a design class and it entails a little research.

Check out

In order to try to get people to actually read the little lead in, I tried to use some interesting typography. This was done fairly quickly, so things like grid and measure were not used (tisk tisk, i know).

I would still like a little feedback on the design and I would love to have some of you participate with either words, or images/artwork (or both).

So please check out the project -

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I think this is beautiful in a simple way (which usually is the best way, in my book).
It made me smile. In fact it makes me wish I had time to think about your questions, and submit something. Of course there's a bunch of detail refinements that *could* be done, but for something quick this is really nice.

FWIW, the only thing I'm not crazy about are the arrows. They look very Illustrator Default, and kinda clunky and nondescript, especially compared to the very cool and obviously informed combination of fonts. They're the Arial of arrows so to speak. ;)
That, and I might try making the secret hint smaller… more secret!

My $0.02. Now I'm going to hide under my work-laden rock again.

Edit: It just occurred to me that maybe this would feel more at home in the Critique section?

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