Anyone see a g like this?

I was sketching around this morning and wondered if anyone had ever seen a font with a lowercase g that was two-story style but with a disconnected descender, like so:

The image up there is something I slapped together in Photoshop, since I can't think of or find any fonts that have a similarly styled g.



Paul Renner's original Futura g, available as Architype Renner from The Foundry.

That is truly an awesome g.

And a crazy i as well. Thanks.


There's http://Klingon by BA Graphics.

can't think of any retail releases.
here are a couple of other things

an unreleased version of ink gothic

not inspired by Renner's g, but maybe subconsciously

I saw a g like that a while back, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was and where. So this is a pretty useless comment, but maybe I'll remember what it was later. ;)

Jack Usine's Vidange, which was the featured font here on Typophile not too long ago, has an (IMO, awesome) disconnected "g".

OK, I found another (borderline legible) one by digging through some old threads. This makes Renner's original Futura "g" above look complex:
Egret Light

A-ha! Thanks for the replies. Good to know I'm not crazy in thinking the disconnected g is a cool idea.

I was playing around with the pen tool today after I made the g I posted, just to see what the disconnected descender would look like in a string of text (this was before there were any replies):

Not actually a bad stylistic choice, IMO.


> And a crazy i as well.

Believe it or not, it’s an r.

Whoa, I would never have guessed it was an r out of context...weird.


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