First try to make calligraphic font

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From playing with some older typo shapes made beginning this year, I decided to try to make a my first calligraphic font. Honestly, I think about myself as a poor calligrapher with basic knowledge learned during studies, actually my last contact with calligraphy was in Calligraphy class, a couple of years ago.

I made only a couple of letters (uppercase), and I was thinking if anyone could give me some constructive comments, am I on right direction, does this seems interesting to you etc...

I made quicky version with "serif", take it as an attemption. :)


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Well it's certainly a start! The serifs seem a touch artificial though...

I do like that B. The D shape is also interesting to my eye.

Definitely worth experimenting with, in my opinion.

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Thanks you bemerx25 for your comments.
I'll keep playing and we'll see what will come out from this.

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