Designing Central European Diacritics

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Designing Central European Diacritics

All Central and Eastern European languages use letters with diacritical marks. These characters are not included in standard western fonts. To write texts in those languages you need special CE fonts or fonts with expanded character set (as Adobe Pro fonts).

Unfortunately many western typographers are not experienced in designing Czech or Polish characters and many foreign CE fonts are not suitable for correct typesetting at all. Bad accents are usually too small or huge, too close to the letter, incorrectly shaped etc.

For the next issue of TYPO Magazine ( we plan to publish an extensive overview of Central European diacritics (historical background, design hints etc.).

Dear members of this forum, could you please send me samples of correct diacritical marks for your mother tongue? Send me either just font and foundry names or samples (PDF preferred) with letters and accents. Sample attached. Every participant will be credited in TYPO Magazine.

The result of this research will be published in TYPO Mag in September and then on a special website on CE accents.

Thank you

Filip Bla