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Wedding Typography Crit

Hey all,

I'm trying to knock out a set of slides for my friends' upcoming nuptials.
I am trying to portray unity through connecting swashes & ornamentation without
losing the legibility of the words. The wedding colors are cream and lightish pink and the flowers are lilies and roses. The wedding is pretty upscale and the bride is a girly girl.

I am stumped just now; what do you guys and girls think of what I have so far?


ps I am open to crit/comments on anything/everything (type, concept, ligatures, legibility on a projection screen (worried about this) (not quite sure how large/far away the screens will be), contrast, whatever!

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I wouldn't worry about legibility. If the guests have to read the slides to know whose wedding they're at, it's time to close the bar.

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There is too much space between the R and a... I realize that if you tighten it your a might run into the swash leg of the R so you might need to fiddle with it. The J and o could be kerned a tiny bit too.