Fogal Stockings Packaging

Dear typophiles,
I'm looking for an ID on the grotesk typeface in the following two pictures. It is used by Fogal, a Swiss stockings company, for their packaging. I doubt that they'd have a custom typeface, but maybe that's the solution.

Thanks for your help!


What about

Engravers Gothic ITC Blair Sackers Gothic Burin Sans

I'd say House Neutraface. Neutraface No. 2 includes a more 'normal' E. There are a lot of weights and variations in the complete Neutraface superfamily. With a bit of graphic manipulation I am sure you could come very close, if not an exact match.

- Mike Yanega

raf, it's none of those. they all have a flat A-peak, so they're out from the beginning.

mike, i doubt it is neutraface. it was my first thought but this packaging existed for 4+ years so if it wasn't a custom alteration, i couldn't have been neutraface.

thanks for the help thus far though!

The original Neutraface has been around since 2002, I believe. The modifications to that would not have been very difficult.

- Mike Yanega

Also similar:
DTL Nobel

sadly none of those is it. Neutraface would've been altered REALLY heavily, for example the S is completely different (more in the FF Bau / Trade Gothic Extended range). both of those clearly don't fit the M/A of the typeface above though.

CityOf is a little closer, but obviously not it either.

I think this is driving us to the conclusion that it is custom, but just to show what even a very clumsy editing job can do with Neutraface 1, see the sample attached. I converted the letters to outlines, and manipulated (badly) the S points, as well as the R counter and E arm.

- Mike Yanega

yeah you're right, it is very probably a custom typeface. thanks for the detective work & help!

Maybe not 100%, but I just realized it's REALLY close to Neville Brody's Bonn

WOW! This is absolutely beautiful. It’s custom alright.


Oh and there’s goes Bonn again. Paul, where did you get Bonn? I want it too :-) I should just ask Research Studios if the exclusivity contract is up.

Mikey :-)

wow never checked this thread after my last post, happy (and sad) to see it's actually custom! thanks again guys.