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I have been working on an update to my Sommet Rounded family, adding two new weights and cyrillic support. I am right on the verge of being able to ask for some feedback on those, but I wanted to get some feedback on the originals.

Thanks for your constructive feedback.

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I like your Sommet. I'd make only one comment. I find the S s don't fit the spirit of the typeface. I don't know what, but something disturb me in it. I'd try the spin more horizontal or less oblique. I think it would more fit with the a, e. Keep going.

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The one significant problem that I see is that the italic a is too easily mistaken for o. It will probably need a stem of some kind.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I have refined the S and s so that the center stroke is smoother and the outside shape is "blockier" but I'm not sure if I've specifically addressed your issue. I will continue to analyze that.


I completely agree with you about the a variant, and had already made one with a stem. Good catch.

I've attached a preview image and a larger .pdf that includes some Cyrillic copy I pulled from wikipedia. I hope there are some Russian natives that can look it over and offer feedback.

Thank you for the advice so far,

Jeremy Dooley

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The boldest weight works best. A lot more could be done to harmonize the shapes of the letters. Perhaps take a look at how FF Sanuk balances verticals with subtle near-horizontal curves. The diagonals can be somewhat jarring in this scheme. W calls too much attention to itself, and I think M should be tamed as well.

As for the Cyrillic letters, у needs to descend, the 'legs' of д need to descend more, and the bowl of ь needs to be a touch taller and narrower and given a treatment similar to d. The side of б probably should be more vertical. The м stands out even more in the Cyrillic, and should really be given vertical sides.

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Thank you for your time and feedback.

I'm studying FF Sanuk per your suggestion. I was wondering about the W, and your comment pushed me to rework it, but I kept the old as an alternate. I prefer the spread M form, but I created an alternate and used the vertical sided M and м for the Cyrillic.

Per your comment, I've extended the д legs. Let me know if I need to go further. I changed the y to the English lowercase form as the other references agreed with you. I had already reworked the б prior to your comment.

I've increased the counter size of the ь on the bolder weights and made it a bit taller. Could you clarify "given a similar treatment to d?" My refs all agree that is it appears like an upside down P smallcap.

Thank you,

Jeremy Dooley

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I like the improvements!

The д should still descend a bit more. Usually it descends as much as the ц.

The ascender of the б looks a bit cramped against the bowl. I would nudge the part that connects to the bowl up and to the left, so that the curve is a bit squarer.

The counter size and shape for the ь looks right. What I meant about the treatment similar to the d (I should have said b) is that the bottom of the bowl could be curved and skewed, which is a defining feature of this design for letters such as a, b, and d. You can refer to [|Oksana Text] to see how this letter can be treated in an informal Cyrillic design.

Maybe the M doesn't have to be vertical. I thought a vertical M would be in keeping with your design where the vertical lines are the constant shared between many letters, but in the case of the M (and for м), I now think having the sides a touch inclined would flow better with the rest of the design. The original spread M is too much for the Cyrillic, I think, but maybe something in between would work.

Good luck!

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Love the improvements,
and really love the font.

and just to add, I already had the whole family lined-up to buy at, but may wait a little longer until the updates are complete.
Unless you've already added the changes to the whole family?

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Thanks again for your feedback, Jongseong.

I've made the changes suggested for the д and б. I looked at a few more sources for the ь and think I will keep it as is.

I've replied directly to djnippa, but the changes are not and will not be available for awhile. Waiting for more feedback from a variety of sources.

Thank you,

Jeremy Dooley

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Thanks for all the comments. I have released the updates, and they are available for 1/3rd off for a limited time. Sommet Rounded

Thank you,

Jeremy Dooley

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