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I'm sure this has been discussed in the past... but what's the best type management tool for OSX?

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I've been very happy with Suitcase. The fact that it runs as an application is a due to the nature of OS X and Unix; this was not a decision made by the Suitcase programmers.

You can make it work more like an earlier Mac extension, however. In Suitcase's preferences, click on 'open automatically when I log in,' then you don't have to ever launch it manually, again. Next, open your System Preferences and select 'Login Items' (it's under 'Personal'). Make sure that the box next to Suitcase is checked (under 'hide'). This will cause Suitcase to remain hidden, even though it's running. When you log in or start your computer, Suitcase will launch automatically, but stay invisibly in the background. The only indication you'll have that it's running is that the Suitcase icon in your Dock will have the little triangle next to it.

When you want to load or unload a font, simply click on the icon in the Dock, or else create a keyboard shortcut in Suitcase's own preferences (in which case, you can delete the Dock icon).

Whenever you're finished loading or unloading fonts, simply hit 'command-h' to re-hide Suitcase. Now you can completely ignore it and will never see it, unless you need it.

I've been really impressed with the way it interfaces with Classic applications - there is an extension for your Classic system folder, and the OS X application and Classic extension talk to each other, so that the OS X Suitcase app can pass fonts to the OS 9 extension. The OS 9 extension doesn't even have a control panel - you still load or unload fonts with the OS X app.

I have a font folder at the root level of my Home folder, with all my fonts organized in subfolders within

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Font Reserve work well here for last couple of months under MacX. Auto activation for various appl. To me, its close to ATMdeluxe that I used before. And as I never wanted to comeback to Suitcase, I like Font Reserve who is developed by a font company, so to me its another good reason to trust it.

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I wish I had a more informed opinion. I was kind of forced into Suitcase and find that it works fine, although it's slow. It's slow to launch and it must be open in the background all the time (unlike the old ATM Deluxe under OS 9). The newest version of Suitcase auto-activates fonts in Illustrator only. (FontReserve doesn't auto-activate faces from any app.)

I would love to know what FontReserve users think.

I wonder if the folks at http://www.atmforosx.com have given up on their petition yet.

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I'm going to give Font Agent a try tonight and I'll post the results.

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Re: ATMforOSX.org

The site is still going, with al the petition names being forwarded to Adobe in late January. Although the decision to wait has largely been informed by a lack of time on the part of the developers of the site, its is still an important project for both of them.

In terms of Font Management tools... both Suitcase and FontReserve work well. Most people I have talked to like Suitcase a little better for the way it displays loaded fonts.

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