Art Nouveau/German Antiqua

This looks familiar, but I can't place it. Published by Flammarion in 1979. Anything close would be appreciated.



Trieste. (a.k.a. Kleukens Antiqua)

- Mike Yanega

The digital versions by Elsner Flake and Scangraphic both have an alternate 'g' that does not match your sample. The showing of Kleukens Antiqua in Jaspert's "Encyclopaedia of Type Faces" does show the same g as your sample. This makes me guess that your sample was made with a pre-digital version (either film type or metal).

- Mike Yanega

Thanks. The Trieste isn't quite right, but the Kleukens is almost identical.

Is there more than the 'g' that is different in Trieste?

- Mike Yanega

Ha, there is a Philip Bouwsma face at Linotype that I found on my first look, quite different, but close enough that it was just possible that it was what you were referring to. It's at But you are right, the EF version is virtually identical except for the 'g'. There is a less refined version of the Kleukens at MyFonts here, but it does have the right 'g'.

Yes, I should have said not the Bouwsma font. I had forgotten that Nick had one, and I didn't know he used the other 'g', so thanks for that info.

- Mike Yanega