Art Nouveau/German Antiqua

This looks familiar, but I can't place it. Published by Flammarion in 1979. Anything close would be appreciated.



Trieste. (a.k.a. Kleukens Antiqua)

- Mike Yanega

The digital versions by [[|Elsner+Flake]] and Scangraphic both have an alternate 'g' that does not match your sample. The showing of Kleukens Antiqua in Jaspert's "Encyclopaedia of Type Faces" does show the same g as your sample. This makes me guess that your sample was made with a pre-digital version (either film type or metal).

- Mike Yanega

Thanks. The Trieste isn't quite right, but the Kleukens is almost identical.

Is there more than the 'g' that is different in Trieste?

- Mike Yanega

Ha, there is a Philip Bouwsma face at Linotype that I found on my first look, quite different, but close enough that it was just possible that it was what you were referring to. It's at [[]]. But you are right, the EF version is virtually identical except for the 'g'. There is a less refined version of the Kleukens at MyFonts [[|here]], but it does have the right 'g'.

Yes, I should have said not the Bouwsma font. I had forgotten that Nick had one, and I didn't know he used the other 'g', so thanks for that info.

- Mike Yanega