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Dear Typophile Associates,

I would like your comments on the attached PowderHouse Logo.

PowderHouse will be mostly web based; products for women (beauty and accessories). I researched Fournier and Fontanges and was influenced by Fournier, the powdered wig era...I found a comment "The hairdos are as high as a house". So I combined soft and hard, old and modern.

Thank you for your comments.

Best regards,

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Who are your client's customers? It seems to me that women who buy beauty products want to look youthful, so I'd advise you to stay away from anything that says old, such as typographic allusions to the 18th Century.

If this is a mostly web-based business, it won't cost any more to use color, and this type of product calls out for a logo with soft, warm colors.

Why did they pick the name PowderHouse? Were they thinking of the "powder houses" where armies used to store gunpowder? If so, maybe they have more of a punk aesthetic in mind, an explosion of color. It's a question I'd ask if it were my client.

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Extremely helpful, thank you.

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The letters don't go together.
Why is it in black and are there no colors used?
Perhaps you have a good reason for that, I love to hear it.

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This forum topic is no longer valid, I have received the direction I need. Kindly, does anyone know how to delete this topic? Thank you

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Don't worry. It will die as soon as there will be no new postings on this topic. Leave it as it is. And you don't delete topics since we can have a whole history of logo developments.

BTW: You could still submit your finished design.
Robert Koritnik

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