What Words for Critical Discussion

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What Words for Critical Discussion

I have checked various threads here, and read Thomas Phinney's recent Font/Typeface Survey results. All have been helpful. However, please share your ideas about what words might be used in critical and historical discussions the printed/displayed result of type?
I make a distinction between type — the vehicle – and letter – the result. I know that this sounds nit-picky but in various historical and critical texts I have encountered different versions of the same words.
Some examples of the problem:
Which is preferred; letter form, letter-form, letterform?
And does "letter shape" have a different meaning?
How about grapheme and glyph?
A generic word for hand-written letters is script, which is also a stylistic category--and by the way printed currency.
Can character be fairly applied to both the element of type and the image it produces?
Or do you just have to carefully define your terms at the head of the discourse?
Any thoughts will help.