Motiva - Sans Serif typeface

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Hey! Here´s a sans I started after a brand identity. It´s called Motiva. This is the first draft. I´d be glad to hear comments!
This would be board 1

First round of refinement (1 of a Gazillion)
This would be board 2

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Looks like a wider Myriad. I like the proportions and drawing quite a bit.

High i tittle seems out of place with such short ascenders.

t seems a little weak above the crossbar.

You might narrow (pull in the diagonal side) a bit on the top left of r/m/n and bottom right of u a touch.

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Thanks Eliason. Will try it and check back!

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I´ve messed around with it quite a bit, changed some proportions, like in the uppercase S, tried to flesh out as many characters as I could (many looking pretty horrible at the moment, you will see).

Do check the new PDF (Board 2) on the first post.

One big question I have, regarding the design of the letter s. How do you people go about the spine of it, how exactly does the 2 nodes (sometimes 4) happen in there? So far I don´t have them at all, but notice it in every respectable typeface I can remember.


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Answer for the S question: look harder.
Excellent thread.

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