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Hello Typophiles!

Here you can see the latest project of mine, a quick-made, playful yet - I assume - quite legible title or display typeface.

What do you think of it? What do you like or dislike?

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Great work, I like it. Reminds me of the seventies.

Yet the T, P and R look a bit unstable - gravitationally challenged, as if they might break a leg one day. IMV the F is a bit too massive, crossing the baseline with not only a line but a triangular shape.

If you want to try alternatives:
- use a triangle instead of two legs for the R (open the bowel to compensate too much weight)
- try to give the T some kind of umbrella stand.
- give the P a stronger stem (cf. I and H)
For the F I could think of something like: upper half as it is, lower half like the H without the vertical line at the right.


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I disagree with the above, as I think much of the face's distinctiveness is that it has no need for a regard for gravity, like it makes its home in outer space. However, the lines of T and L are too thin; they ought to match the thickness of the lines in the other letters.

The B seriously looks like it may be a K. I'm reading "fakergraph".

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Thank you for the comments!

Cerulean, you are right - B is quite unsure.

Your opinion is highly appreciated - I keep on working on some of the glyps mentioned above.

Thanks one more time!

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Nice! Are there more characters that resemble the I & H?
I'd like seeing a few more letters in that style.

I'd almost like to see an alternate P, T & R in that style too.

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Thanks Special-K!

Yeap, I'm working on alternate characters-more blocky and more I&H-like ones.

But before that here is some lowercase preview.

What do you, Typophiles, think of it?

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+I like the lower case letters in general, although the f, l, g, and s [the eternal problem in this style] don't seem to blend as well as the others. The i,j,k series is very nice, but the two small diamonds in the l don't seem to help. The f and g seem too busy, too many pieces. They don't "read" as easily as the other letters. Great work, keep it up. I could be a customer! Please keep me informed.[michael@bsiw.us]


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Thank you for the detailed comment, mgking!

I will let you know when I'm ready.

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Not liking the "g" myself. Maybe you could make the descender more like the curve of the j or t.

Just a thought, you could probably make this into 4 different fonts based on the designs of abc, ijk, hmn, and vwxy.

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Thanks Special-K!

I'm unsatisfied with many lowercase glyphs also - keeping try more and more ideas I have to have a fine set.

Also have the idea you mentioned :) thanks!

I'm thinking about a more blocky and a more graphic (much like this so far) versions, maybe as stylistic alternates in OT or separated versions.

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